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Sustainable Landscaping for a Healthy Environment

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News for SDSL

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Water and other fluid that flows off of a property to surface streams, rivers and lakes.

Polutant Contaminent:
Generally, any substance introduced into the environment that negatively affects the usefulness of a resource.

Surface runoff and drainage that comes from rain and other forms of precipitation.

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San Diego Sustainable Landscaping

Most of us don’t do anything about pests until we are overrun, and then what do we do?


Too much pesticide used outdoors will end up in our lakes, beaches, and bays when it rains or when we over-water. The same with excess fertilizer - it can be too much of a good thing. Accidental contact with pesticides can also harm our pets and children.

San Diego Sustainable Landscaping - is a program that encourages the use of less-toxic alternatives to manage pests, or Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

Attend a workshop, visit our gardening kiosk, or view our tip cards to learn more about implementing these pest management techniques at your home. IPM techniques are easy to follow and are safer for your family, pets, and our watersheds.

What is a watershed? Learn more about San Diego's watersheds.

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